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The daughter of a U.S. Navy Electrical Engineer and an Acquisitions Librarian, Ginger R. Jones began writing poetry at age 12. Ginger is a respected Poetry Slam Judge and has judged poetry slams in Las Vegas, Oakland as well as at L. A.’s legendary, Da Poetry Lounge. In September 2014, her 1st ebook,  "SpiceRack:Life Flavors 2 Savor," ranked #9 in Amazon Women's Poetry Category. Her poetry is autobiographically candid, with reflections about faith, life and key issues affecting women and society

SpiceRack Life Flavors 2 Savor

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SpiceRack 2 Life & Pandemic Poems 4 U

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Ms. Jones strikes a resonating chord in her offering. Thought provoking and humorous, she appears to have lived a road "more" traveled and takes us along for the journey.

Juan Garedo